by Yazan

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released April 20, 2018

Kris Kuss: drums; bass on “Hahaha”, “Tiger”
Alex Molini: keys and percussion on “Ghost Blues”
Yazan: electric, acoustic, and slide guitars; bass; percussion; vocals
Tracks 1-8 recorded and mixed by Mark Fede in Allston, MA.
Track 9 recorded and mixed by Alex Molini in Greenpoint, NY.
Additional vocals recorded by Mike Kutchman at Look to Listen, Greenpoint, NY
Mastered by Matt Tuttle at IAS Studios, Winston-Salem, NC
Produced by Yazan with Mark Fede
All words written by Yazan, music written by Yazan with rhythmic guidance from Kris Kuss
Illustrations by Cass Jones. Photo by Eamon DeFabbia-Kane. Layout by Dima Drjuchin and Dnl Hrs.
Yazan logo design by Menk Andemicael
Thanks to everyone who helps anyone else
yazan.co explodinginsoundrecords.com


all rights reserved



Yazan Brooklyn, New York

Yazan is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from New York, playing a blend of rural country blues, folk, and psychedelia.

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Track Name: Hahaha
I saw what happened to you
And I knew it was gonna happen to me to and I
Couldn’t help but laugh the whole way through

Do you remember when I told you I ran into an old friend of mine
And he reached out his hand and he offered me a dime
And we laughed and laughed till half past nine

You pick me up when I’ve fallen
And you pick up the phone whenever I’m calling
When I’m fallen and I don’t know what to do

I woke up in such a foggy haze today
But I want to see you again tonight because all we do is pray and play
Well the sun is almost done, and the fun is on its way

When you call me up when I need reminding
And you lighten me up so I go to bed smiling
You always know exactly what to do
Track Name: Cockroach
When I found you standing silently
Frozen across the room
Do you want to know what I thought of you?

I'd like to thank you for all you've done for me

Now would you please leave me in peace?

I tried to leave you be

But you
You’re too ugly to live and you’re too young to die
I'd like to leave you alone and forget you’re alive

but you’re between my legs crawling
and I can feel my skin crawl
I know how you're thinking
how does it feel to think so small?

You shined a light on the darkness in my heart
As I tore you apart

I tried to set you free
but you're making this so hard for me

Up and down all along my young body
Sneaking around all over me

Thank you for reminding me of the darkness inside me
One that there always will be
Track Name: The Star
In the heart of the sun
Shines a dying light
A million million dots
Light up up the infinite night

This vital projection
Comes warm and bright
A messenger in the darkness
Taking us on a cosmic flight

Worlds born of unknown power
From the ancient trees to the alien flowers
Illuminated in a star shower

And now you merchants of doom
You perpetrators of crime
Ruining worlds you consume
Death closely trailing you behind

Power sought by fools
Leaves you limp and blind
What will there be left to rule
Underneath your mountains of fire?

Doomsday rings in the midnight hour
While the crystal clinks in the ivory tower
Will you stand up or have your world devoured?

Instruments of unknown power
Sought after by warring cowards
Annihilated in a star shower
Track Name: Forgiveness Begins
My religion doesn't allow me to fight
Everyone wins and nobody dies
My religion teaches me how to love
To love yourself is to love everyone

Even criminals
Well they’re people too!
What do you think you would do
If you walked a mile in their shoes?
Paying your dues for a life of neglect or abuse
Well wouldn’t you be blue too?
Forgiveness begins with you!

My religion teaches me how to live
To give the world all that I can give
I belong to a cult of love
And if we share it, there’s always enough

To go around
Spread it all over town
Anything could come back around
So why would you put anyone down?
It’s better to let your love abound

I was mad at myself for so long
Years of my life gone
Sensing that something was wrong

Then, when I was drifting at sea
Forgiveness came and rescued me
That’s when I found the key...

Forgiveness begins with me!
Track Name: When I'm Gone
When I’m gone
You may feel like crying
Sing it in a song babe
And let em know how you’re feeling inside

The sun’s gonna rise
Early someday
And light up the emptiness where I once used to lay

When I’m gone
I’ll follow the sun

So hold on now
To your tears and your cries
They’ll be all the medicine you need to deal with the surprise
So you’d better save your tears babe, you’re gonna need em some lonely nights

And when I go
A hard wind’s gonna blow
And take me over to another shore

When I’m gone
If you want to move on
Take my broken promises and put them in a song
And sing it all night long
And maybe you’ll remember me someday

When I’m gone
Track Name: Penetrate My Mind
It's easy to be kind
Easier than trying to be right all the time
I have to see this as a sign
We finally found each other after all this time
Now you know I have your back, I hope you have mine

If I ever let you down
Just tell me gently and I'll figure it out
Listen to your heart if you want to penetrate my mind

Honey I know it feels good to be right
So count your bills and prove your science
But when you deal with living things that have feelings
I’d say it’s better for you to be kind!

Be patient with your mom
You never know how soon she’ll be gone
And it’s your mother, do you realize where you came from?
Track Name: Tiger
I pulled over to the shoulder
And I saw you standing there
I rode right into your lair

Tiger tiger on your thigh, girl
Guarding your supply
Do I have a chance of getting by

Someday I’ll have your hide in my home
And I’ll mount your pretty bones
Someday mama when I hit the road
I’m gonna take you when I go

Tiger tiger are you shy girl?
I thought I heard you sing
Open up and give me everything

Someday I’ll have your hide in my home
And I’ll mount your pretty bones
I’ve got a tiger’s tail in my hands
And I feel like a man
Track Name: Do You Wanna Go?
Oh now baby would you stand here by my side?
Oh now would you maybe tolerate my pride?
Over and over you hear me beggin “Do you wanna take me for a ride?”
I want to take your picture, give me that wild smile
Let me leave you open wide

We would be bouncin and singin, boppin and movin, rockin til the break of day
Who knows where we’ll be tomorrow, baby come on and play
Well I know a place where the sun is shining, let me take you on a holiday
Take, take, take my hand and let’s go run away

Do you want to take me with you?
Baby would you let me take your picture?
Don’t you wanna go with me?

Oh now baby would you let me come inside?
Oh baby here I come…

Oh now baby would you please make a little way?
Ooh lover save some lovin for another day
I’ve got other things I gotta do today
But before I leave
Baby would you say ‘cheese’?
Track Name: Ghost Blues
You wooed me my love
With nothing but a ruse
You wooed me love
With a promise of abuse

When I met you
I was tender like a bruise
When I met you
I was broken like a tooth

So you became the mother of my blues
I’ll be singing Hallelujah
When I’ve got nothing left to lose

We made love
Among the relics and the pews
And we danced
And shared a bottle of the truth

Then you sent me walking
Without a letter or a clue
Oh you cut me loose

If you see my love
Would you share with her the news
The poison you used
Has left my heart immune