Undress My Mind

by Yazan

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To undress your mind is to strip it away of all incidental aspects -- your beliefs change, your thoughts change, your biases change, but underneath all of it, something remains eternally, and that is you, and you share that essence with all creation.

I recorded this album after 10 days of silent meditation, and after several years of rather noisy experimentation. The songs on it loosely tell a story of a life of alienation and sadness, and the transformation to a sublime sense of belonging in the world. This transformation came for me through music and through learning how to let myself sing.

Thank you to everyone and everything that has inspired me to sing, and thank you to everyone who has listened to me sing! Thank YOU!


released July 2, 2013

All songs written and performed by Yazan
Engineered and Mixed by Will Manning at The Pound Pad, Jefferson, GA (villagerecordist.com)
Logo, layout, and design by Menkerios Andemicael (menkerios.com)
Mastered by Matt Tuttle at IAS Studios (ph: 336-817-6342)
Produced by Yazan with Will Manning

Shoulder Tap Records SHT013


all rights reserved



Yazan Brooklyn, New York

Yazan is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter from New York, playing a blend of rural country blues, folk, and psychedelia.

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Track Name: I Wanted More of You
I waited in line
Just for you to sign
A piece of paper with a print of your picture
It was the only thing of yours that I could find

That yellow dress
That wild hornet's nest
I took one look at you and knew you were a mess
But no one here would have guessed

I asked you your name
It was all over the walls
It was the kind of thing where I could see
All of your charms and all of your flaws

But I had a fraudulent feeling
It was a feeling of fraud
The cheap lines you threw at me
Made me feel like I was being ripped off

And now that I know
How much you can afford
Oh now baby well I do feel a little bored

Oh my my
Oh hell yes
Who knew that taking off all your clothes
Would leave such a dirty mess?

I had a fever for you
Just like everybody else
But I caught you with your finger in your nose
And I knew you were just as sick as anybody else

Undressed and unarmed
Still impossible to charm
Each tooth in your smile was another bullet in my eye
But I know you didn't mean me any harm

You'd fallen for me
It's so easy to do
I'm a victim
I'm a trickster
I'm a young politician
And I'd do anything for you

You sharpened your breath
You took off that mask
And everything I found underneath was
Right out of a dream I once had

I've wanted more of you
and some of your sweet sugar too
It's something I’m feeling
and it's making me blue
I always want a little more of you

It's something I’m feeling
and it's making me blue
I always want a little more of you
Track Name: Sunrise
But I’m going back to sleep
I’m still learning how to dream

My babe
Don’t love me no more
I’m walking out that door

She treats me
Like she don’t know my name
But I love you just the same

I bought
what I could not afford
Oh now babe I’m broke

Sun’s going down
And I ain’t had your loving yet

You treat me
Like you don’t know my name
But I love you just the same

I walked
Outside alone
Oh my babe was gone

I walked
Outside alone

Oh now babe
Track Name: Oh Paul!
I wrote you a letter
You turned to confetti
And as you tore it into something new
All of its secrets became clear to you

The words on the paper
Came sputtering along
Things you could never ignore
They honked on the horn
And announced themselves at the door

So, no, it's not your fault
But it is your gift, yes
To be able to talk like you do
I'm hoping one day that I'll understand you too

The world is an oyster
Tight and unkind
But eventually it ends up comin round
You've gotta learn to swim deep if you want to hear something profound

You taught me those things
That you didn't even know
That you didn't even ever care to ever know
You only knew to do the things you knew
But we still keep falling for you

Your hair is still perfect
And those letters that you wrote
All spoke to everybody in the room
Your words are forever, but you know you're just passing through

Now you're leaking and rusted
And you're covered in dust
You can't sleep but you can't help but dream
You recall all the nights when you knew how to make them all scream

Oh Paul!
Track Name: My Very First Time
My very first time
I was with you
You eased my mind
and put me in a mood
Never before was I so inclined
as I was my very first time

My very first time
I remember it so
I made up my mind
Yes, I wanted to go
I’ll never forget
for all of my life
how I felt my very first time

I never had a feeling
so deep inside of me
as I did my very first time

My very first time
I had to think twice
But along you came
and you were so nice
I can’t remember
ever feeling so fine
as I did my very first time
Track Name: I Lost My Friend
I walked all over town
wearing a frown a mile long

Looking for a spot of you
doing things I said I’d never do

I finished in second place
before I even knew I was running a race

And you taught me how to gamble too
oh how I lose, oh how I lose

I walked all over town
wearing a frown

Every time I dream of you
I feel like a fool

I waited for you to come home
I should have known, I should have known

I watched you crying walk out my back door
I never felt so sorry before
I lost my friend
Now she’s gone and that’s the end
Track Name: Sing With Me
My love left me on a sunny day
I prayed for rain to wash my blues away
Wash these blues away

It rained for 90 days and nights
If you see my baby, tell her I’m doing all right
Babe I’m doing fine

I drank myself to sleep
And every night you haunted my dreams
Oh my baby won’t you have a drink with me

I started to singing, picking my guitar
If you see my good gal, please give her my regards
Give her my regards

I sang myself to sleep
Every night for 42 weeks
Sing my baby
Oh won’t you sing with me?

I couldn’t help but to start to shuffle my feet
And to this day I don’t know what came over me
But babe, it set me free

I sang myself to sleep
And left behind all my misery
Sing my baby
Oh won’t you sing with me?
Track Name: Terran Holiday
Terran Holiday
Seems so far away
More than anything
So unsettling

And then we came
and made it till we’re this far
all in my mind

I went home with you
Like you told me to
Something we barely knew
We took home and took hold to

And then we came
and made it till we’re this far
all in my mind
Track Name: Little Liza
Oh my little Liza
Oh what tortures you?
What more can I do?

Oh you little wild thing
I got no more tricks to try
I've run out of lullabies
I can't sing no more tonight

Oh my little babe now
No need to cry so loud
I'm all you got in this world

No one else hears you crying
No one to wipe your tears
You live to die and that's all there is
Your mother's dead and gone from this world

No more drinking
mother’s milk
No more swearing
Oh Lord I don’t think I’ll go on!
Track Name: You Just Wanted Me
Yeah, hi it's me
Calling you
From the street
No, nothing's new
With me
What about you?

I've been out all night
Havin a good time
I watched the sun rise
You do
what you gotta do
If you want to feel
Something new

You hated to be tickled but you love to be teased
I tried to sing you something but you fell right asleep
I wanted to be someone but you just wanted me
You just wanted me

Oh now babe
I can't lie
In a bed with you
for another day
No, I can't lay
In a bed with you

Oh now it's time
For me to go
And live my life
And if
Our paths should cross again
You might look at me
But you won't know who I am

You hated to be tickled but you love to be teased
I tried to sing you something but I fell out of key
I wanted to be someone but you just wanted me
You just wanted me

Here I am
Track Name: I Undress My Mind
May I confide
My dream last night
I undressed my mind
and shined a light
an ancient sight
too bright for my eyes

I undress my mind
to see the divine
outside of time
I strengthen my spine
And my centers align

I take the time
To slowly unwind
to do something right

Day after day
night after night
I sit in the shade
and I bathe in the light
I feel so alive
Like a flower petal
Spiraling down
toward the ground
that never arrives
I feel like a child
who has learned how to fly
I feel like the sun
melting the sky
I feel I am one
with the original I

What do I believe?
Who do I fear?
Do I know my name?
How can I disappear?
My mind is always there
Naked and clear
Eternally here
Forever free

I undress my mind